The snow fell heavy and pretty over the small village at the foot of the Happy Holidays Mountain. The tall Christmas tree in the village square was beautifully decorated with lights.

The snow fell heavy and pretty over the small village at the foot of the Happy Holidays Mountain. The tall Christmas tree in the village square was beautifully decorated with lights and all the small houses had all kinds of Christmas decorations.

The Cookies family were getting in shape for Christmas as were their neighbors the Christmas Puddings. The Fruitcake family enjoyed the smell of apples and dried fruit and the Glühwein’s was preparing their special hot punch. It was once again the best time of the year and the families all met for Christmas parties, such as the village tradition had been for years.

It was a time of joy for adults and children and the youngest children were happy the scary days of Halloween were now long gone. Could you imagine – Papa Christmas Pudding had for Halloween dressed like a bake-off bakery! It took days for the youngest and their parents to get a good night’s sleep again and papa Christmas Pudding had to promise everyone not to overdo it again next year.

But now it was Christmas time and December, and everything was as it used to be in the small village, but not for long.

A new smell mingled with the familiar smells of sugar, fruit, and butter. Something had changed and the smell came from the small house on the outskirts of town that had stood empty ever since the Sweet Toth family moved to Dentist City to get a fresh start. For years, the small house had stood empty, deserted, and dark but now there were candle lights in every window and the most beautiful Christmas decorations you ever saw. Smoke rose from the chimney and with it new and exciting smells of spices.


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The families of the village met at the Christmas tree in the square, all confused. What is going on they said, and those spicy smell what are they.

It is definitely the smell of sugar, papa Christmas Pudding said. No, it is melted very dark chocolate mama Cookie explained, but the entire Fruitcake family disagreed. It had to be some kind of apple, they said. The Glühwein’s however thought it was the smell of something drinkable that would warm nicely in the cold hours of winter.

Suddenly the door opened, and the seven members of the Gingerbread family came out smiling and saying hello. How nice they looked with green, red, brown, and white colors.

“We are the Gingerbread family,” they said.

“We are Sofia, Oliver, Husky, Rudolph, Pug, Kitten, Mrs. Gingerbread, Emma, and Mr. Gingerbread, Archie. We just moved in because the smell of cakes in this village smells like home for us. It smells like Christmas, and we love Christmas,” they said all smiles. 


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Then they offered fresh baked and decorated cakes to their new neighbors who all really liked them but said they did not know the flavors.

“Please tell us.”

The Gingerbreads laughed merrily.

“We are the family of hot spices. Like ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. Those are the warm spices of Christmas, and we can’t help using them in all our cakes.”

“And sugar,” asked Mr. Christmas Pudding?

“Yes, of course,” Mrs. Gingerbread replied with a big smile.

“I chew... I mean I knew it,” cheered Mr. Christmas Pudding.

“Mr. Gingerbread slapped Mr. Christmas Pudding on the shoulder and said:

“I don’t need sugar though. I am sweet enough.”

They all laughed, and the Gingerbread family was warmly welcomed to the village and invited to Christmas parties at every family.

It would be Christmas again for sure just like always but this time a little different than before. After all, the best thing about Christmas is friendship and surprises.