Terms & Conditions

1. General Provisions

New customers must create an account to be able to see our products’ prices and make an order.

After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been received by Universal Statues. This email will include a summary of your order, total amount, and other details.


2. Prices

All product prices are exclusive of taxes and shipping fee, shipping fee and taxes will be displayed during the check-out process. Our prices are not permanent and may change at any time. All price changes will be reflected immediately on our site.


3. Delivery and Shipment

All product deliveries will be fulfilled within 3-5 business days once you have received a confirmation that your order has been finalized. Keep in mind that our deliveries depend on the stock availability.

In case the item is not currently in-stock you can raise a pre-order. As we are constantly in replenishment, it can be that the items are already on their way to our warehouse or being produced in one of our factories. In any of the cases you will be contacted by email by one of our agents and you can agree on expected delivery date and payment method.

Damaged Orders

Universal Statues sends all products in perfect condition in a secured packaging. However, breakage of items may happen due to carrier mishandling or some unforeseen instances while they are in transit to you. In any case that any of these should happen, it may be necessary to return the order. Contact us at +45 41 10 25 83 and we will assist in filing a shipping claim for damaged items if it is our in-house carrier.

All claims for returns due to damages must be emailed to info@universalstatues.com and wait for a response regarding the issue. Do not attempt to return the damaged items back without prior notice from Universal Statues.


4. Cancellation and Returns

Cancellation Prior to Shipment

All orders canceled before shipment are entitled to a full refund minus processing charges incurred during bank payment transfers.

Cancellation During Shipment

All cancellations done during transit requires authorization from Universal Statues. You can email your concerns at info@universalstatues.com with a clear statement of your reason for canceling. The company will not accept any returns or grant a refund without approval.


All returns must be in perfect condition as shipped with the original and unopened or undamaged packaging.

Delivery fees are non-refundable and shipping charges on returns will be covered by the customer if the cancellation happens during transit.

Damaged on the items incurred due to the customer’s mishandling, installation or assembly are not covered by our return policy.