What are your products made of?


Our products are made of durable fiberglass, some of which are reinforced with fiber matt in different densities for extra strength. Some of our items, especially the large ones have steel reinforcements for strong support. We use UV resistant polyurethane paint for our products to create a quality finish. We also use other materials like fabric, leather, and steel as accessories to our products.


How are your products made?


Our products are all hand-crafted. Once the sculpture has been made, a mold is cast using a fiberglass mixture. After the casted product hardens, it is released from the mold to smoothen and emphasize the details of the product. The product is then painted and stored in a curing oven to expedite the drying process.


Are your products suitable for any weather?


Yes, our products can withstand any weather due to their durable properties.


Are your products suitable for outdoor use?


Yes, while all our products are designed for both outdoor and indoor uses, we have products with upholstery that are suitable for indoor use only.




All prices exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) and shipping fees.


How are your items transported?


Our products are transported in perfect condition in a secured packaging. They are delivered to you through our partner carrier.


How long does it take before orders are ready for shipment?


Once our sales team has contacted you in finalizing your orders, they will be ready for shipping within 3-5 business days depending on availability.


Do you have a showroom?


Yes, we do! Our showroom is open by appointment only. We are located at Fluebæksvej 190, in the beautiful city of Ringsted, Denmark. Email us at to book a showroom appointment.